Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Step at a Time

Assalamualaikum wahai readers :)
Took me a while to update But, here I am.
I realized that I haven't post ANYTHING for the past few months now. I guess I treated my summer holiday at its maximum. A total holiday with no responsibility attached at all. Haha. It was fun to be ignorant, lavish and fun loving for a while but, then it hits me that... I'm not that person. That guilt I bear the whole time was excruciating to me now when I look back. I didn't contribute much to my so called 'purpose of life' at all. Oh the agony! Whether I did it on purpose or not, I was unclear during that time. Maybe a little part of me saw how much tasks needed to be done in my second year so, it persuade me to hog myself to instant gratification. It did made me happy but, I didn't find it fulfilling to my actual needs. It took me a while to learn self control especially when I heard my dearest nini uncle (or our oldest uncle who we referred as our grandad) passed away a few weeks after I'm back in Aberystwyth. Was I sad? Ofcourse I was. Everyone knows how he seemed so gleeful everytime we visited him, he also helped me a lot and give essential advices which made me succesfully achieved my dream. He would be missed but, my situation forced me to hold up and keep the heart strong. It made me awake to the real life that I have my feet set on. Semoga roh nini Hj Apong selalu dirahmati Allah..Amin.. 
Setting foot was also brought me to a new environment. I'm not living with my old flatmates, yup. A different environment opens a new chapter to my journey. Me and 3 of my Bruneian friends rented a private house this year and gosh.. responsibility started to sink in my head: something I find foreign to my dictionary. Ok.. maybe not foreign but, rather new to the concept. One lesson I learn about responsibility is not to take things careless..umm.. I learnt about it after my rather 2months old Sony Experia GO had a huge crack glasses due to my wreckless gesture (ayun tia lagi tangan atu..baru tau) so, I had to find a new phone and decided to get an Iphone 5 instead. One thing I choose this mahagony god was because they have black in stock and I was desperate to find a new phone. If I delay anymore further, it might posed more problems. It's a huge risk to take but, I'm willing to go through this. Determination my fellow friends.. determination. 
 What is more, I did had some fun before this month started. I went to a social for International students organized by one of our Jordanian friends; Rislan. Haha... It's fun to see loads of people from different continent meet up and speak different languages. It's like a salad fiesta! French guys were lucious with their accent, Middle Eastern with their full blast voices, South American were adventurous and asians.. well.. we nodded and speak broken english haha. What ever the moral of the story of that day, I had a good fun :)
 Now, the main concern for now is whether will I continue to slack of and remain hidden throughout the weeks of absence from posting in my blog? Maybe. I hope this profound effort to get my head focused for once will be constant. I cannot make anymore promises because I'm scared of breaking it. No one break a pinky promise haha. For sure... I missed my hometown. I missed my cats! Gosh, I pampered them with everything I can offer. I even spent my allowance on them! Oh my babies...I hope you both will still be there when I return next year. Well, that's all for now. I bid you adieu. Salam!

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