Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waking Issue

We seek shelter and comfort, To the realm which our eyes meant to see,  Perhaps what our minds hope to feel.
As much I would like to criticized Keisha for waking up like P.Diddy, I did woke up to a different scenario; waking up to Obama's winning! Ecstatic might not be a good word to describe my early morning, who actually woke up fresh? I remembered it was quite a hot topic a few days before and even last night, when I was doing my gym induction, two ladies were discussing whether to come to the Union event for the US Presidential announcement held later that night. The only thing I can recall before going to sleep was hoping Obama would be given another chance to make a change which is evidentally can be seen now: 

I'm not fond with political affair however at some point we felt attached to what had been happening throughout the years with people around the globe. I can't deny my affection towards the American as they were actually the starting point of igniting my enthusiasm towards this western culture plus, this language that have been resonating in my mind predominantly (thanks Sesame street for being there when I was one lol.) In the end of the day, I was merely an observer who was curious about the result and I feel relief. Personally, I don't want to take side to either Obama or Romney because I understand they stand for different matters which needs to be take action for their country's sake. It's just the universal rule to conclude who would lead and sit on that throne of authority. However, I strongly believe that 4 years is a very short period to make a crucial change even we, in Brunei need atleast 25 years to go through a National Development Scheme. However, with the advanced technology and basically a higher population of literate, educational and qualified professional growing up in the US may need less than 25 years to accomplish a change. What they need is integration and solely faith. That's how North Korea succeed to be independent from the foreign influence at the first place. No, I don't favour Communism however all these concepts deserve a recognition for something right?
So going back to the Presedential election.. although I know my thought does not count much but, I hope the American stay grounded and keep the faith on Obama for now. For sure, I have my own opinions that are still playing around my head as we speak but, I decided not to decipher. It seems unnecessary for now but, I know by the time I forgot about this, it might actually come true. Boh! 
I googled for video of news updates on this and gosh the celebration was beyond expectation. Even Obama's grandmother was celebrating in Africa somewhat. The American flag was waved accompanied by a surge of happiness chanted on the road. Yes, it was those who once called as a sub class; the minority that fought for a voice that they believe can be channeled through Obama. One thing that made that 1% difference in the result of the election was because he was clever to utilize the media at full blast. If it wasn't because of Beyonce told to vote for him in my Instagram, I don't think I would be pondering about Obama at all haha no no seriously, this TV personality such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber even Rupaul from Rupaul's Dragrace reality show appeal to its fan to vote for him. He was appealing to the younger generation to cast the vote and yes, powerful audacity proves to help push that vote for him. That's only one part of the strategy, others redeeemed to be subjectified by your own thought. I did mine :)
What's more, Obama have a warm character that made people feel secure and cozy. His words was promising and inspirational, I admire that. His victory speech after the announcement for his victory 
is definitely worth watching. No wonder people look up to him. He display simplicity yet this strong authority like a prophecy that will soon to be reveal. Too much? Okay, a guy with charisma; attractive in a respectful way haha.

Obama's full victory speech 

 I sounded like I'm a pro-democratic or Obama beliebers (LOL!) but, the fact that I spend the whole day thinking about this because my mind was loud and wanted to be heard. I allowed it with pretty much procrastination. We never know as for what reason I was meant to write about this as well the reason why Obama needs to be in the White House for another four years. I'm always sceptical about everything not because I questioned his capability, it's just that this significant event have a major influence at a global level; foreign affairs, economic development, as matter a fact the media itsef is gradually shaped by the US and the leader, President Obama has a very huge burden to carry in deciding what's best for the majority while a thought of ignoring an issue may cause major catastrophy to others. It's never easy. Good thing I'm just a minority further down in the lifecycle ( along with the seaweeds and krills haha)

 It just shows that each of us do have an important role in everything. If no one's bother to make the last vote that made him win, he would be defeated by the same total. Never assume that we are mere individual that wants nothing more than to breathe. We were born with responsibility and ignorance is an epidemic that has become a public secret. No one wants to admit it. I admit that I do that though. I guess it's time to built up the motivation to seek that enthusiasm in me. When will you do yours? :) 
That's all. Salam~~

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