Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts of March

Assalamualaikum :)
For weeks I've been visiting my blog but, no words able to fill this within that period. Just say, I didn't have a clear mind to start with. Not because the fact that I'm 27 years old now but, I can sense fears and anxiety of the unknowing seeps in and eating me inside out. The brain can be a scary place. Lol.

The reason why I feel more motivated to type today is because I have this huge concern about the recent issue (well, it might be receding as we speak) on the viral video back home. A youth splurging racist remarks and threatening a fellow Bhayya (Brother in Indian). I didn't watch the full video. It turned me off completely. What is astounding was the feedbacks come afterwards. There were a massive anger from the public to seek justice for the misbehave conduct of this youth. The police have agreed to take action and yes, the Bhayya are now feeding on the fame he gets overnight. It seems like an open close case already.

Honestly, I don't bother much on that. My main concern is how the public react to it. It's utterly degrading and humiliating to even say I'm a Bruneian just by reading their comments which obviously it's from their own thoughts due to the fact that they can easily hide by their username. It's funny how people seems to be okay with this; to be a troll, a spam- a cyber bully. 

All I can see now is that the troubled youth has become a victim instead of the agressive bully, why?
1) It's not him who upload the video, it was someone else. His action was recorded and uploaded without his permission which is a trespassing to personal rights.
2) The fact that he is perceived as the 'bad caricature' the public naturally feel obliged to voice out their opinions. Funny, NONE did wanted the video to be investigated NOT AFTER the overflowing judging words thrown in the comments. I haven't include those who make fun of it. 
3) Sharing is a common behaviour for web 2.0 environment. Oh yeah.. except this is a misbehave conduct of your own people and as much as I understand 'aib' is the word for it. I find it unacceptable for those who spread this to share 'aib' of a person.
4) Yes, he is obviously wrong and inappropriate to vent his anger. I can't agree more. Why do everyone starts to involve his family and try to get in a fight with him? In which part it was venting on you? There is a fine line between being concern and just blindly judgmental.

So who is the real bully? The fact that the inner self let to be let loose because of someone's disturbing behaviour. The intention that comes within is pure and I believe it is not influence by the surroundings. And that 'intention' wants to give bad remarks to this youth is the one which is supposed to blame on. Simply saying, if you judge the person because of their behavior and start to spread the video, make fun of it, let others to get involve with giving their bad judgements too; doesn't that sounds like a bully? To what extent of the intention of spreading 'aib' which obviously leads to more bad comments is acceptable? As we grew up, we learn or understands that bad things happened to someone else is supposed to be stop in any length possible. I'm really dissapointed to most of them because they didn't show a good example. 

It's true we learn about ethics and manners since we were little; how to behave well, to speak appropriately to elderly, handling a situation as politely as possible and so on. I strongly believe that there is a need to start with learning ethics and manner when it comes to web 2.0 environment. No doubt, almost everyone are computer literate or at least familiar with the online social network through any device. Tell me, which kid does not know how to use a smartphone or watch a cartoon online? How many youth didn't use the internet to stay in the social ladder? How many adults are not using their mobile phone or internet to do their work? I believe the percentage is quiet low. We are living in the digital environment and it is important to give certain education on how to behave within the surrounding especially to depict proper behavior when it comes to handling this sort of 'misconduct' to avoid potential moral degradation.

Maybe within my naive knowledge, there are efforts made to curb this problem; educating is a life long process and it might take a while to see the outcome. We'll see how it goes. I just want to show I'm one of those people who are concerned rather than sit back and regret for not expressing this. 

I guess that's all from me. It feel so good to pour it all out now. Yes, I did it purposely to be viewed online. No data are permanently deleted in the digital world so, I want this to be sealed. I might feel foolish if I was wrong but, atleast I will learn from it and perhaps something we all can benefit as a lesson in the near future :)

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