Saturday, December 1, 2012


Sobahul Khair December! I survived November :D *Do the chicken dance*
Apart from my ode to the depressing month, I saw it as a a month of reflection. I have learn to restrain myself from the infinite impulses and pretty much grab the opportunity to learn more about myself. Yes me me me haha. It's really crucial for me to stay grounded and learn from it. I'm just happy that I take the first step now its time to relax and continue with the journey...
 Journey to Machynlleth :D I went there with my ol' flatmates and Victoria just to try the Vegetarian restaraunt at the town. It's not bad. I love how it is so simillar to Aber but, less robust. It's a nice short trip and using the bus was something I need to use more often. We sat on top front at the upper deck and yes, it was the first hand to witnessing the incredible scenery. I couldn't ask for more despite of my new profound idea of restraining myself from shopping. This was merely a reward for being persistent on it. Haha.. yea right.
Well, it didn't end well though. We jumped on the bus to go back to Aber and sat at the upper deck but further behind. I started to feel drowsy and there are moments when I feel like I want to barf. Literally. I couldn't think straight and I decided to depart as soon as it reach around my neighbourhood. The fact that I was going to do my grocery shopping remains in vain. I just walkaway and rest my head as soon as I get on my bed. Leaving me eating whatever left in my cupboard; chicken soup with macaroni...for the past 3 days. Gosh haha..

Well, that was one of the highlights of November. That's why I'm so glad to get it over and done. As much as I want to be productive for the month. I have chosen to stay in bed at the very last day of November. Spending the time with watching chick flicks.. more precisely..Black humour. I kinda want to watch the movie for ages and I finally  did it! Believe me, it's really worth watching. This movie that I was talking about is called 'Act like a lady think like a man' was adapted from Steve Harvey book. I personally love the idea of having more of these romantic comedy genre from African American (I kinda feel awkward calling black now.. I don't want to be stamped racist haha) What's more.. the cast is super UBER hot! I'm referring to this mahagony god of mine, Michael Ealy. Does he looks familiar? Of course he do. He is in Beyonce's 'Halo' music video! Oh my.. I am so into him when I saw him in that mv. His smile and that blue eyes pierced my heart and burns it till it melts. 
Yes I'm having a fandom moment right now. Aside from Marcell, John Legend, Bernard Chandran, All Blacks Rugby Player and the fews I can't recall now, I would literally shriek like one of the kpop fans. Michael Ealy has a charming smile and sweet personality which can be depicted in any of his films. For a 39 year old guy, he still make me drool especially.. oh yes.. especially in that movie 'Think Like a Man'. I'm sorry if you might feel uncomfortable reading this but, I love the make out scene. I didn't notice the female cast. My eyes was focusing on him. That moves and beautiful, eloquent, suave (enough now haha) and tender kisses just made me breathless haha. I'm so sorry but, really.. I cannot resist his charm!Oh my..
I don't know why my day was about digging into my sweet tooth love on african american delicacy. Maybe it is related to that bizzare moment I had with this African guy whose taking law in the Uni. Maybe. I don't want to recall if possible as it's unpleasant. But, somehow it triggers my attention to some chocolate loving haha.
p/s: Please forgive me, I'm just trying to vent out this cheeky side of me. Toodles! <3>

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