Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Another random post as to mask my current procrastination to do my assignments. I had two. Lol. Well, I was contemplating to watch Lindsay's Lohan latest film involvement which had successfully made to the premiere. It's a shame that the Gotti was a no go. This so called 'movie' is more like a telemovie however, it is about the late Elizabeth Taylor's infamous relationship with Richard Burton. Her confidante', partner in crime, her Anthony as she was Cleopatra. A love story that fumes destruction yet, two souls that were never be apart during their lifetime. As much as I want to indulge in this incredible urban love story, I couldn't stop observing Lindsay. Urgh. I know it's bad have these subjective thoughts but, I can't help it. Her reputation was in my face all the time. It seems she has lost some of the golden touch she used to depict magnificiently. I don't know. I do give my salute for her efforts. She tried. I can see that talented self in her in the last few scenes of the film (which is regretful that she didn't applied it throughout the film) I guess she was trying. The reason why I didn't find satisfaction in watching this film was because I kept noticing the habitual pattern she used to do in EVERY movie she played in:

"Oh there she goes, sighing for the 30th time,"

"Teenage tone voice.. really?"

"There she goes again..making love.."

Furthermore, trying to amplify her sexual assets assuming to make it look more desirable to the audience hence better reviews. I don't know.. I just assume as for what I observed. I want to see experienced and dynamic in character. I do believe she learnt her part and do far better research than my ability but, I just can't stop seeing the character as Lindsay. It's like watching about her life rather than she relflecting Liz's persona. She got the look oh yes she does. No doubt on what makeup able to change you into. On another note, Lindsay did made a good personification of the age. Her wrinkles were visible despite whatever facial treatment she did on the face. I'm so sorry if I sound like I was appaled by her perfomance. Honestly, I was dissapointed. She was given a chance to shine and people were looking forward for her return. Too bad we had higher expectation. I just can't stop feel sorry for her but, I still hope for the best yet to come for her. Just atleast a good film to restore the faith of humanity. Lol. I know there is still a spark in there, Lindsay. 

To neutralized my avid dissapointment, I geared up my emotions on watching a random independent film from youtube. The main cast was Linda Oh from one of the doctor theme episode. I don't follow much on series but, I'm sure its good. Haha. So, this film visualized the chinese culture in the suburb of Canada. Focusing on a kid who was practising Taoism to help out with their financial issue as help her mom's love life which seems barren from any potential suitors with her mom's workaholic attitude. You know the feeling when you had hot spice curry burning your tongue and you sip a glass of milk to cool it down? Yea that's what I feel after watching these two films. I was like "Ahh.. that's more I like it! You have successfully made my tears fall off!" This emotion was in vain when I was watching Liz and Dick when I was expecting it to be heartbreaking. But, instead...this less favourited, simple with no significant people in it pierced my heart in the final scene. 
It just shows, you can flash off your expensive props and vvip people to produce a film but it wont hide your flaws. I saw fake money, greenscreen images and perhaps miserable casting in Dick and Liz which overshadows the cast for Richard Burton who I think played it incredibly suave. He was amazing! *Sigh* I know I would comment more on the undeniably mediocre standard I saw in that film where as I saw perfection in the film I randomly saw in Youtube. Just let that be the higlight of my days of procrastinating.
Now, I bid you adieu as I am going to continue to persuade myself to get my brain going.

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